User Login Request - Terms And Conditions

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Access to a system provided by Healthcode is for the purpose of enabling the owner of the login ID to utilise Healthcode systems. Users of a system provided by Healthcode shall:

  1. At all times maintain the confidentiality of information obtained and use it solely for the purpose of the outline above.
  2. Ensure that no unauthorised person can obtain information retrieved by Healthcode's systems.
  3. Keep confidential their username and password and under no circumstance disclose it to any other person, nor keep a written record of it which could be discovered by any other person.
  4. Never leave a terminal logged on and unattended such that any unauthorised person could obtain information about a patient.
  5. At all times comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any breach of that act may make a user liable for prosecution and / or disciplinary procedures by his / her employer.
  6. Only access Healthcode's system whilst duties necessitate it and advise Healthcode when access to Healthcode's system is no longer required.
  7. Inform healthcode immediately if anyone is approached to divulge his / her password or an attempt is made to obtain his / her password.
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